Reiki (ray-key)

What is Reiki?

Defined as spiritually guided life energy, Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1920s. Used to promote stress reduction, relaxation, and healing, it is practiced by laying the hands on or over your body. Reiki causes no harm, never depletes energy, is easy to practice, and can be learned  by anyone.  


How does it work?

The practitioner (me) acts as a conduit for the universal energy which guides itself through your body where the healing is needed clearing energy blockages that cause disease. During treatment you may experience visions and colors. After a treatment, you may experience a sense of calm, clarity, happiness, and joy.

Why would I want Reiki?

If you are experiencing illness or disease, this technique is beneficial. Reiki can be a complementary therapy to help reduce side effects from medical treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery, and invasive procedures. It can treat various types of addictions, debilitating emotional states, and shorten healing and recovery times.


Preparation for a Reiki Treament

In order for Reiki to be effective, you have to be open to it. Reiki respects free will and cannot forced upon you if you do not want it. When you come to me for a Reiki treatment, rest assured that your confidentiality is secure. I do a written and verbal intake which establishes a bond and brings any issues to the surface for better treatment. Since you will be lying down on my treatment table, I recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Treatments lasts an hour or more.


My Treatment Process

We begin with an intake that brings the intention(s) and issue(s) to the surface for ease of treatment. After we complete the intake, you will lie down on my table and we begin. I will guide your thoughts you toward a path of healing and begin the "laying on of the hands". During this time, you may experience visions, thoughts, and colors which is completely normal due to accessing your sub-conscious. Many experience enhanced heat sensation from my hands which is just the universal energy channeling into your body. Upon completing the process, I will gently prompt you to bring your consciousness back into the room.


Each Reiki practitioner differs. As long as the intention is set, you will benefit from the healing. If you are experiencing extreme difficulties in your life, you may want to consider a consecutive series of Reiki treatments in a short time period and taper off as the healing takes stronger effect.


A 60-minute Reiki session starts at $75. For more information on receiving treatment and booking please contact me or click the button below.


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