I've never had a massage before.  How does the process work?

After introductions, you fill out an intake form to assess any medical conditions or problem areas.  You may choose to disrobe down to your comfort level although you may also be fully clothed (preferably in something soft) and still receive massage benefits.  I introduce my touch to your body, establishing connection, starting off with warming up of the tissue and increasing pressure as appropriate.  As the client, you are in control of the session and may guide me to make adjustments to pressure or to make adjustments to massage style.  After the time is up, I'll recommend you to drink extra water throughout the day to help flush out toxins release from your tissues due to the massage.


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Why should I get a massage?

Massage therapy can help in numerous ways to:

  • relieve stress physically, mentally, emotionally

  • manage anxiety and depression

  • alleviate pain

  • help you sleep better

  • boost your immunity

  • ease pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms

  • increase alertness

  • curb headaches

  • promotes blood flow

  • stimulates the lymphatic system

  • recover from injury


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Do I need to be completely nude to receive a massage?

No.  You choose to disrobe to your own comfort level or not disrobe at all.  Massage can be performed through your clothes without oil or lotion but it is recommended that you wear something soft and comfortable.


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Is there any necessary preparation for a massage?

Before a massage, it is a good idea to be well hydrated so that the muscles move more easily.  Pain, tension, and fatigue may be symptoms of dehydration.  Also, refrain from wearing excess fragrances or any at all.  Proper hygiene is also a considerate gesture.


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Why should I choose you as a massage therapist?

I am well trained, thoughtful, intuitive, and I love my career.  On top of that, I maintain the proper certifications, carry top of the line liability insurance, use high quality products, and am good at what I do.  Choosing a massage therapist that you are comfortable with and enjoy is a shot in the dark.  I do not suit every persons needs but I do my best to provide top-notch, quality service in the hopes that I will see you on my massage table again.


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Is it okay for me to receive a massage even though I've been diagnosed with _____________?

Depending on what the diagnosis is and what we assess, massage may be fine or even recommended.  Massage has the power to boost your immune system and help your body heal itself.  Certain skin conditions contraindicate massage work directly to the area but may be worked around.  If you have concerns, send me a message prior to booking so we can discuss.


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Do you accept insurance?

At this time, only cash or card payments are accepted.


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How should I pay for my massage?

I take payment in the forms of cash, credit, or debit cards. 


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Is it okay for me to leave a tip?

If you find that your treatment met or exceeded your expectations, a gratuity is a kind gesture but not a requirement.  Leaving a tip is completely up to you.


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Why are the treatments priced differently?

Services offered vary in style and effort.  Some techniques require a basic knowledge of body systems while others require an advanced understanding in order to prevent any mishaps or injuries.  I have priced my sessions according to exertion placed upon my own body and what I think is a fair price.


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What is your cancellation policy?

In order to avoid any charges to your credit/debit card, please contact me at least 12 hours prior to your schedule appointment time to reschedule or cancel your appointment.


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I'm pregnant.  Can I still get a massage?

Yes.  No matter what trimester you are in, you will benefit from massage.  It eases muscle and joint pain and may even make your child birthing experience easier.  Read about the benefits here.


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Am I too old to get a massage?

No!  People of all ages benefit from massage.  I have been trained in massage for the elderly and the ill so you can trust yourself in my hands.


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Questions Answered

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