Richard Limon, Certified Massage Therapist

Hi! I'm Richard, the sole proprietor of Limon Integrative Massage. I first became interested in massage when I was complimented on my untrained skills from friends. After two of my siblings went to massage school, I followed suit. At Mueller College in San Diego, CA, I studied massage and bodywork techniques, completing a Holistic Health Practitioner certification with 1000+ hours of training, during which I volunteered time as a teacher's assistant in Asian Bodywork, Sports Massage, and Myofascial Release classes. Upon meeting the requirements for national certification, I passed the exam becoming nationally certified. In addition to massage techniques I am a trained Reiki practitioner and continue independent training in other modalities.

I began my professional work in Palm Springs working as a massage therapist in The Saguaro Spa. Working in that environment with other experience massage professionals who have been working in Palm Springs for many years helped me develop my confidence in my massage work as well as communication with clients and co-workers. I thought I would leave Palm Springs after working at The Saguaro for over a year but I decided to stay in the desert. Branching out I accepted a position at The Ace Hotel & Swim Club as a massage therapist in their spa, "Feel Good Spa". Working there I was able to gain insight into the workings of a different spa that also utilized my Reiki training; they offered an energy work treatment. 

I have had some clients express that they never have success having a really good massage in a spa setting, spending a lot for fluff when they want really good quality. Palm Springs has quite a few spas to choose from and they serve their purpose. My intention is to deliver more than fluff. Having worked in Palm Springs spas I have been able to meet and exceed expectations of some clients. 

The journey into becoming a massage therapist wasn't a straight shot of course. Prior to this, I was an enlisted service member of the United States Navy, stationed at Naval Base San Diego serving upon the USS Bunker Hill CG-52. Life was much different back then as a missile technician, running Tomahawk missile simulated launches and other tasks associated with being on a ship. Some find it hard to imagine that I am former military but it was a time in my life that lead me on the path I am now on. 

My work is rewarding and I continue to enjoy Palm Springs and explore ways to further my education and experience in therapeutic massage and bodywork. I have been humbled by generous compliments from clients which reaffirm, in my mind, that I am on the right career path for myself. What I think distinguishes me from other massage therapists in the Coachella Valley is that I'm oriented toward providing an outcome. If you're feeling stressed, we'll set the intention to reduce your stress level. If you're experiencing joint pain, we'll set an intention to reduce your pain. If it seems your condition is beyond my experience level, I'll point you toward advanced practitioners who may be of better assistance. I want what's best for you.


It's a good feeling knowing that I can make a difference in someone's life. I'm able to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, release adhesions in tissue, and help people to disconnect from the constant bombardment of technology. People trust themselves, at their most vulnerable, in my hands. If you are experiencing a chronic or other condition that is beyond my expertise I can offer options to help, be it other bodyworkers, acupuncturists, etc.


In addition to independent work, I also work as a massage therapist at the Feel Good Spa at Ace Hotel Palm Springs providing massage and body treatments.  Other than my passion for massage and bodywork, I enjoy dining, fitness, dancing, television shows, the occasional farmer's market, and spending time with my friends.


What Does "Integrative Massage" Mean?


I call what I do "integrative massage" because I customize your session combining a multitude of styles and techniques I learn(ed). People have been pleasantly surprised by the experience asking me,"What do you call that style of massage?" I often didn't know what to tell them only offering the explanation that I used everything I've learned and combined it into their treatment. I figured, 'why throw out anything I've learned to massage only one way?' Each modality has their benefit that I want my clients to experience.  Since each massage is organic there are variances from client to client and visit to visit.

Service to Community

Everybody Deserves a Massage


Each year Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, a national membership association, inspires its members to promote themselves and the massage profession through an event called "Everybody Deserves a Massage Week". I participated in the event by donating a portion of earnings to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and organizing a massage event at the local newspaper, The Desert Sun, where I provided mini massage sessions while accepting donations to my cause. It seemed a daunting task being my first time but I had some great support and a good time meeting people who appreciated my work and what I was doing. Thanks to everyone who supported me I was able to raise almost $500 for the animal shelter.

Desert AIDS Walk


As a token of my appreciation to the Palm Springs community I provided complimentary mini massage and Reiki sessions to volunteers and participants of Desert AIDS Walk, an annual event that raises awareness and supports the prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as raises funds for the care and advocacy of those affected by the disease. I was kept busy for about four hours straight! It was tough running a one-man show but I managed to pull through. Should I decide to do this again I will try to enlist some help. Still, I enjoyed volunteering my services.

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